Life of HR@COVID-19

COVID-19 has been a real tough time for all but as a HR we had many different experiences and many lesson’s to learn. People say HR does not work but keeps learning from all situation….yes, that’s because I don’t have any special talent…I am only passionately curious and learning never exhausts my mind. 😇

The current situation has left a very difficult impact on many individuals, business, government and global economy. Many small size business closed down, many employees laid off, many faced salary cut and much more difficult situation faced by many. On other hand industries dealing with essential products are growing during this period which is good news for many.👍

What may be the situation, we the HR’s have been working as lifeline of our organization in all situations 💁. Though not well recognized…it’s more often known as THANKLESS JOB as we have no direct contribution to the profits of any company but just think a day without us😎.

As mentioned in my earlier write-up, we are unofficial psychologist, event planner, peacemaker, lawyer, teacher…but during this crucial time we have played the role of OFFICIAL MOTIVATORS by being positive and strong (mentally and physically)😊💪.

I remember during lockdown we did so much which was creative, innovative and must during this period like…

  • Created many official whatsapp group to stay connected
  • Sending everyday morning motivational messages whatever may be our mornings
  • Did end numbers of video calls with colleagues just to make sure we are there
  • Circulated safety and health tips on frequent basis to spread awareness among team
  • Kept the entire team involved through many creative activities like yoga day, cooking day, gardening day, family day etc
  • Conducted many work related quiz and created debate platforms to keep people busy in a productive way
  • Worked on many strategies to be followed post lockdown
  • Tried our best to take all instructions of management through the employees positively
  • Always ready to listen to both the end’s whether employee or employer and keeping up the balance

To be honest tried much more than this which cannot be put to words…experienced a lot many things and handled them which were never part of our job earlier. And believe me it was more than a job.👍

It is not easy to be a HR but we make it look easy.😁

Proud to be a HR

Kudos…to all HR’s 🙏

Let’s keep up the good work and show how indispensable we are…

5 thoughts on “Life of HR@COVID-19

  1. Really True…
    You are well-done work as HR head.
    You are always guide, support and inspire us…..which is good quality of you.I never seen such supportive HR like you.Thank You so much.

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