Sonali Mohanty

Training and development

Training and development is a continuous process of improving ourselves in different ways. I have been a life coach trainer to help people understand their areas of improvement and guide them to work on it. It can be their skills, knowledge, capability, capacity, productivity, performance or anything where they need my support. I have also been guiding people on their personal life concerns as when required.  


This gives an immense pleasure when I make a visible difference to their life but yes, to be a trainer or life coach is not an easy task. As I have to be always prepared for whatever comes to me, it is very responsible role as people expect a relevant answer/solution from me. I have been trying and will try my best to give the best in every possible way. Soft skill trainings can be done on end number of topics related to our daily working and personal life.


“In learning I teach and in Teaching I learn.”

I have been training people in company’s on soft skills for individual and organisational growth which includes Sunhearrt Ceramik, Pioneer Cars, Trine ProjectsMusk ClinicPooja DiamondsRajesh Power and the list is on…