Sonali Mohanty


Events are very important part of our life as they give several unforgettable memories to all of us and event management has been my passion since long. I have arranged, managed and hosted many events in different occasions. May be professional or personal, it gives a chance to interact and present myself in front of people in creative ways. It gives a great feeling when I engage myself with the audience and feel happy when I share memorable moments by leaving my impression on them. 


I am glad to share that I have managed events small and big in capacity. When I talk about big ones it includes  Annual Day of companies with more than 200 audiences, Annual Sales meets addressing more than 500 audiences, Annual picnics and such more events which includes presentations, team-up games, fun games,  co-curricular activities and the list goes on. And the smaller ones are a lot like regular birthday celebrations in different ways, arranging indoor and outdoor games for employee bonding, celebrating each and every festival for employee engagement in innovative and creative ways is my fote.

Through events I have improved my confidence, sense of humour, presentation skill, public addressing and much more. No one remembers the day but the moments and I make sure to convert the day to moments for the people when I am responsible for any event.


“For an event beautiful place is not must but to make the event beautiful is must and that is my expertise.”


If you are planning for a beautiful event to be arranged in a professional way with a personal touch then reach out to me.