Sonali Mohanty

Giving Back

We all have a variety of responsibilities in life which includes family, work, health, socializing etc. but we must not forget a very important responsibility of ours is to give back to the society we live in. We all think WHY & WHAT to give back?

WHY to give back?

  • To experience the satisfaction in yourself
  • Adding meaning to our life
  • Strengthening our personal values

WHAT to give back?

We can give back anything to society which we are capable of and add values to other’s life. Not necessarily it should involve monitory things but it can be just a kind gesture to someone in need.

“A random act of KINDNESS, no matter how small, can make a tremendous impact on someone else’s life.”

HOW it began?

 always had a passion to give back to society in a different way and I tried taking many initiatives like visiting Old age home, Deaf and dumb schools, meeting people in society to understand their needs and tried to support them by getting involved in their life and not just giving away something. Later I decided to dedicate myself to a particular thing so that it can be a continuous development process and this thought allowed me to do a lot of survey. 

Finally I got a chance to associate myself with SAVERA – Education for Deprived Street Children is a part of Vidhya Bharti Foundation. I am associated with these kids for more than 3 years now where I along with other volunteers try to develop skills of these children in many different ways. It gives an immense pleasure each time we meet these kids and see their growth.

Joy of Giving