Sonali Mohanty


With having a decade long experience in managing human resources operations for various companies in different capacities, my multi-dimensional experience in below areas.

HR Department Setup

I have banked on my expertise to set up a fully functional and efficient HR department that can properly manage and handle all of the human resources needs that will help any company focus on core business activities.

Strategic HR Planning

Strategic HR planning is very crucial aspects in strategic HR management helping companies – small or big – assess their current and future human resources needs to achieve their business objectives. I help efficiently assess and define strategic HR requirements with strategic planning for efficient functioning of HR department and personnel.

HR Policy/Process Management

Policies and procedures are key to smooth functioning for team, departments and organization. When it comes to HR, it is no exception. My expertise helps to devise policies and procedures for any areas of HR management.

Policy/Process Improvement Consulting

It is very essential that HR policies should be aligned according to the company strategic plans. There can be various lacking areas like outdated HR policies, inefficient organizational structure, absence of leadership, or approach towards employees that can be improved. Even if the policy and processes are implemented and functioning smooth, I look at it as outsider and evaluate it based on some proven techniques and help improve on those. I try to provide with policy improvement suggestions that are insightful, result-oriented, and actionable to fill the gaps quickly.

Workforce/Recruitment Planning

Workforce planning is very essential and proactive process to plan and manage talent surpluses or talent shortages. If one cannot find right skills within defined budget and timeline to get on board, it impacts performance of organization’s offerings. Whether it is direct recruitment, recruitment through placement consultants, campus hiring or the recruitment campaign, I plan and execute the way it is required.

Induction, orientation, development and training

Right induction/orientation and training is essential to be given to new employees as it helps new joiners to better understand the organization, its values and culture quickly and easily. I design induction program as per the requirement which will give them 360 degree understanding of organization.

Payroll, Attendance& Leave Management

Having their remunerations right on time without errors is a boost to employee’s productivity, loyalty and satisfaction. When I handle payroll, attendance and leave management, employees will surely be at peace of mind and assured that all of their queries will be efficiently managed.

Grievance Handling/ Employee Counseling

Peace of mind is essential to productivity. Efficient grievance handling gives employees a strong sense of assurance that their problems are heard and solutions will be derived for that. When it comes to counseling of employee on any of the issues, I am always there to listen to them with an open mind.

Employee Survey/Communication/Relation

Feedback, constant communication and relationship with employees always help us to retain them for longer. Surveys, one to one feedbacks, team feedbacks and round table meetings with HR are few of the techniques that I employ to get the ground level details about organization.

Exit Interview Process

An Exit Interview is quite helpful to know about the strengths of the organization; areas of improvement; learn about the exact skill sets, educational qualifications and experience required for the job; understand about the exact reason why the employee is leaving the company. As is with joining, exit formalities leave a lasting effect on outgoing employee. Same is needed for company to help understand the reasons for attrition. With exit interview process and counseling, I help achieve above goals.

Attrition Management

However small is any attrition rate, it still needs to be managed as a process which provides great insights about organization. Though every case of attrition is different, I think that an effective root cause analysis followed by preventive and corrective action is a way forward.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning ensures that internal talented people are identified, trained, and developed to fill the crucial leadership positions within the company. Through an efficient feedback mechanism of surveys and constant communication, predicting and planning a succession becomes easy. A well prepared succession planning will help save time and will result in smooth running of operations.

Performance Evaluation

Whether it is just HR Department or any other department or individual performance evaluation, our consultation process will take care of all aspects of performance evaluation and define a thorough performance evaluation program. I provide result analysis, insights and key take away points from it that helps see performance of employees efficiently.

In-house event management 

Whether it is arranging in-house events, parties, family events, or employee engagement activities, I ensure that it is carried out in right way which will be enjoyable and memorable to everyone. I try to put to work my innovative ideas and plan special activities based on topics such as creativity, innovation, team bonding, mind mapping etc.

Training & Continuous Professional Development

The day one stops learning, the growth hits wall. Evaluating training needs for employees and finding the right training is needed for continuous professional development of every individual.