Sonali Mohanty

Personal Me

I am a person who loves to live life colourful…and I would like to thank god for this life. I’m a happy go lucky person but luck has never favoured me. I like to be happy but that doesn’t mean life has never tested me. The test of life is always on and on but again these tests have been lessons to learn.

People call me strong, powerful, confident, caring, fighter and much more….that’s their love and care for me but I’m just a normal Woman with very minimum expectations from life and that’s how it’s proved I’m a normal human being with expectations.

I get up early, go for cycling, clean my home, cook food for self and family, rush to office, work whole day , come back home and cook again…isn’t it interesting …I love my life.

I also have a passion for writing so sometimes try to write on random topics.

When it comes to Family, I am a person who keeps family at top priority. I love to take care of them I every way possible, will do the same for rest of my life. Spending time with my daughter is the most favourite task of mine, She is a friend more than a daughter to me. We do lots of thing together like dancing, gardening, singing, cycling, playing and much more. Sometimes she is a mother to me as well by correcting and scolding me.

I love to be social as well kind of hanging around with friends, chi-chatting etc. Being a people’s person I make lot of friends and value all of them. They have really great part of my life and I try to keep in touch with each and everyone may be from school days, college days, ex-colleagues or other city friends.

I am really thankful to God for such a beautiful life.

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