Work Desk – Source of motivation

Every single thing we come across in our life motivates us, depends on the way we look at it. The way we make up our beds before and after use, or we maintain the hygiene of the kitchen, or the way we groom ourselves every day to look presentable, it is also very important to keep our work space neat and clean, well organised to motivate ourselves.

We spend majority of the day at office and especially at our own work stations, so it’s very important to keep it meticulous. It gives  positive vibes to us and others as well. An organised work desk is the reflection of our personality and I am sure everyone craves for appreciation.

We must manage the desk in such a way that it inspires us to spend the entire day peacefully at work station. Many of my colleagues,  understand how much I love my desk and try to keep it lively. My desk is my friend who is always there unconditionally with me when I am happy, upset, confused and worried while in office. It gives an immense pleasure  just to take a break and look at my colourful board which gives me lots of strength and motivation. With pleasure, I have presented my own desk at the top of this blog 🙂

We can organize our desk in many different ways with our unique touch. Here are few tips from based on my experience and rest depends on your own creativity and interest.

  • Decorate your desk with the things that makes you happy
  • Add lots of bright colour
  • Don’t pile up unwanted things on the desk
  • Pin up quotes of your choice which attracts you
  • Focus on one task at a time
  • It is important to keep your mails organized as it is part of the desk
  • To do task list can be displayed
  • Stick on few pictures of family and friends which will bring smile on your face when you need it
  • Clean up desk before leaving for the day
  • Last but not the least always keep a to do list on a sticky note or whiteboard on your desk

Human brain and creativity has no limit and hence the desk can be presented in ‘n’ number of ways. One needs to know which is suitable to a time or situation or mood.

So get set ready to organize your desk 🙂

Let’s plan, arrange and start brightening up our work desk.