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Purpose of our LIFE is to be happy…..and I am glad to write on the topic and hope I can make few of you happy while reading this blog of mine. We don’t know how long we are going to live this LIFE but yes one thing is in our hand and that is how to live this gifted LIFE in our own way.

Everyone has their own story and we are here to make ours so let us always try to make attempts to make our LIFE story the best one. And that can happen only when we stop judging other’s LIFE and concentrate on our own LIFE….

LIFE is a journey from Birth to Death but the Choice is ours how we want to utilize it to the maximum. LIFE can be defined in many ways like challenge, mystery, adventure, struggle, game and much more but for me it is a beautiful opportunity which I want to grab in a positive way. Bhagavad Gita defines LIFE beautifully which is a inspiration to all of.

Okey…when we are talking about LIFE, it is very important to talk about the current situation and which is the COVID period. LIFE has taken a U-turn for all of us, it is not only you or me but each one on the planet is facing this situation at some level. For some it is more and for some it may be a less difficult but yes everyone is going through challenges and we have to meet these challenges in our own ways to come out of it.

I specially wanted to talk about LIFE at this point of time because things happening around us are not favorable like people suffering from CORONA, frequent deaths of common/known people, earthquakes, flood, chemical blasts, airplane crash and many such unexpected events keeping all of us a quite disappointed. But we must always remember that LIFE is always in a mood to teach us so we have to be always prepared to learn from LIFE. And believe me these learning’s are going to take us a way ahead….

It may sound to you like – it is easy to say or write but the reality is different and I agree to it as well because it is not even easy for me. But take a moment and think ….CAN WE DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT??? Is the answer NO then think again….YES, we can and the only MANTRA is POSITIVITY. We are not sure about tomorrow but we plan our day right??? That’s positivity but positivity doesn’t mean that we ignore the bad things but finding good in bad that’s positivity.

Few tips to positive LIFE…

  • Be yourself and positive
  • Try to find positiveness in every negative situation
  • Calm down and rethink
  • Don’t try to fix everything, at times we have to leave things as it is
  • Celebrate small things in LIFE
  • Don’t compare
  • Fear God not the situation
  • Do what you like to
  • Add value to someone’s life
  • Eat & sleep well….Relax
  • Breath and exercise
  • Talk to someone – most important

Let us together find the silver lining in the cloud to come out of this situation. Feel the LIFE and live the LIFE…..

Think positive…Be positive…Do positive and everything will come back to you as positive.


7 thoughts on “LIFE

    1. This is the beginning mam… We will also love to listen from you on many more topics as you write from your heart. 😘

  1. 1st two paragraphs are enough to bring a big smile on my face πŸ˜€.

    Yesss… I’m totally agree with you what you have written here abt LIFE & POSITIVITY. I truely believe in living our life in our own way & make it very beautiful, cheerful & colourful as I have damm 1 life only. Dnt knw abt next birth. So whatever we want to do, have to do in this life only. Also do not want any regret on my last days of life that why I did not do this & that.

    Of course POSITIVITY is in main role to having happy & healthy life. I personally feel & believe in positivity. I experienced it many times “Whateve I want heartly, whatever I think abt it, universe helps me to achieve it surely & finally I achieved it everytime.”

    You cover this topic very well mam. What I feel from inside abt life, you describe it very very well in words.

    Thank you for bringing a big smile on my face😊 & love you to consider my topic.

    Will wait for next voice of your heart.

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