The Befikre – 80’s Vs 2000’s Kidz

Sometimes I wish I could go back to my childhood again as those were the most beautiful days of my life😇. And I am sure many of you must be feeling the same😊 as the childhood days are the most precious days of our life…NO stress, NO ego, NO expectations from life, NO running for goal achievement, just a little heart full of innocence and a pair of lips with a lovely smile.

The childhood of 80’s to 2000’s have been drastically different in just two decades…..

Time has changed people’s way of living, thinking, habit etc. It is well said that “Change is the only Constant”.

Let us accept the change and have a look at it…

Kidz of 80’s played games like Crocodile water, Luka Chhuppi, Lagdi Tang, Ludo with family👪

Kidz of 2000’s also play Ludo but on mobile with friends, they too have Luka Chhuppi  but as a movie on live-in partner😛, they are the faster generation so they don’t believe in Lagdi Tang but yes they strongly believe in temple run🏃👍

Kidz of 80’s shared a single landline phone with the entire family with cord attached so that they are stuck at one place at the house.

Kidz of 2000’s own an individual mobile phone🖁hanging around every corner of the house away from family😜


Kidz of 80’s enjoyed Bollywood movies and serials once in a week along with family waiting for next week with all excitement

Kidz of 2000’s are in a hurry always and super excited so prefer to watch series on Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon to complete it in one go with all privacy

Kidz of 80’s never went out alone

Kidz of 2000’s hanging out at malls and theater’s is a common trend

Kidz of 80’s attended birthday parties of their friend’s with gift selected by parents that may be ranging from Rs.50/- to Rs.100/-

Kidz of 2000’s don’t attend any party without brand in hand

Kidz of 80’s enjoyed party at home with potato wafers, fryums, frooti or some homemade snacks by mom

Kidz of 2000’s party out only with friend’s having pizza, burger, coke, shakes etc.

Kidz of 80’s were banned to go out for evening play as punishment’s

Kidz of 2000’s are banned to use phones, watch TV as punishment’s

Kidz of 80’s sang “Papa kehte hai bada naam karega”….

Kidz of 2000’s were mom fan’s and their favourite was “Maa ka ladla bigad gaya”…

Kidz of 80’s used disks like floppy disk or compact disk

Kidz of 2000’s use drives like pen drive or google drive

Encyclopaedia was famous among Kidz of 80’s for learning

Wikipedia is famous among Kidz of 2000’s for learning

There are many such things which have changed then to now vastly but that is the beauty of life and we must welcome the change with open arms always.

 Be it the Kidz of 80’s or 2000’s, they are the most innocent creature on earth…

 Befikre’s of all time…😎

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