HR – Humble Recources

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Few days back somewhere on LinkedIn four guys grabbed my attention where they mentioned HR as “Humble Resources”, since then it was on my mind and I was thinking on how to interpret it and write down something. Before I start writing, I would like to thank those four humble guys who inspired me to […]

Life of HR@COVID-19

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COVID-19 has been a real tough time for all but as a HR we had many different experiences and many lesson’s to learn. People say HR does not work but keeps learning from all situation….yes, that’s because I don’t have any special talent…I am only passionately curious and learning never exhausts my mind. 😇 The […]


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Hello everyone, As the topic suggests finally I thought of writing on my profession which is HR…🙋 HR (Human Resources) sounds to me real lively, fancy, colorful, strong and confident and much more just like me. Don’t worry I will explain each of the phrases mentioned in connection to HR and me. When I say […]

Vitamin M

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Hey Guys…👋 It was not a usual day as I took a day off to complete some of my personal stuff which was not possible on a working day. Though it was hectic but a satisfactory day 👩 as could complete the task list 📋😀 The day can be called satisfactory also because I got […]

Time Management = Life Management

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Hello everyone, hope things are fine at your end.👍 I am fine too…🙆 Hope the things are not getting boring out here. Please bear with me as I’m an inexperienced writer😛….slowly, gradually I will try to attract your attention.🙋 We feel and think many a time that things are not easy rather most of the […]