A Coach with Compassion can change the world…

A great coach can change a life….we all need a coach at some point of time in our life to guide us and show us the path to achieve our goals. This does not mean that we need guidance in every step of our life. Anyone who helps us overcome any difficult situation with their counselling and guidance can be called as a life coach.

While being coached and coaching, I have observed that coaching with compassion can bring a huge difference in someone’s life. We being Humans, a personal and emotional touch at anytime feels good.

When we play the role of a Life Coach, it requires complete kindness as we help people improve their personal and professional lives. And when we add a little compassion to this it becomes easy for the person on other side to accept our guidance.

We coach people on many things like strengthening their relationship with others, move their business forward, or simply have more peace in their lives, we can help to set, understand, and meet those goals. I feel before coaching anyone, a coach needs to be kind enough to understand the actual requirement to guide in proper direction.

My goal is to become a sensitive life coach but more than that I want to change people’s lives in every possible way by adding loads of kindness to it. I want to build a relationship with those who I coach so that they can trust me, and I can support them to overcome difficulties in a positive manner. Being in someone’s stead, I want to understand them with a clear mind set and leave an impact on them with my guidance.

Want to listen and respond the emotions beyond the words. I want to release positive energy and uplift them to ensure they visualize a brighter and better tomorrow. Being an HR professional, I have always felt coaching with compassion really works and the benefits of the same are building trust, strengthening relationships, improving cooperation, reducing stress, ideating and much more.

I am sure this practice will give a self-satisfaction with happiness as we spread unconditional care and kindness.

More smiling, less worrying.

More compassion, less judgment.

More blessed, less stressed.

More love, less hatred.”