Sonali Mohanty

Professional Me

I have a proven, robust, and a comprehensive decade long experience and expertise in successfully helping various companies streamline their HR processes and operations by implementing and practising various dynamic HR practices and methodologies. Various companies have witnessed a significant growth and greater synergy between the company HR policy and Strategic objectives that have helped them improve their business performance and reduce costs.

As an humanities graduate, I have worked on several Managerial level positions across various verticals in different sectors like and I hold immense experience and expertise in handling various HR related activities. I am a team player and always at the forefront to take initiatives in organizing various team activities, overcome challenges, and finding out solutions to complex problems with my excellent managerial skills.


God is the best creator who created heaven, earth and most importantly he created us, the most beautiful creature on earth. And we people are busy in finding ways to impress God by worshiping him for our own needs in life. But I believe that to get in touch with God directly is to keep yourself and your mind busy in a very creative, innovative, energetic and positive way.

When we Give, Love, Care, Respect to others, we worship God. So let us be busy in doing good and great things and be part of God’s workshop.

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