From improving company morale and developing methods to ensure high performance standards to resolving conflicts among employees and ensuring a company stays within its budget, HR wears many hats.


A healthy parent-child relationship casts a very positive and vibrant impact on child development through improved cognitive development, self-confidence, communication skills, learning and much more.


Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen


Events are the best way to establish personal connections with not only your target audience but also your potential partners, sponsors, etc. Events are an effective way for businesses to build trust and form an emotional connection.​


Know Me Professionally

I have a proven, robust, and a comprehensive decade long experience and expertise in successfully helping various companies streamline their HR processes and operations by implementing and practising various dynamic HR practices and methodologies. Various companies have witnessed a significant growth and greater synergy between the company HR policy and Strategic objectives that have helped them improve their business performance and reduce costs.

As an humanities graduate, I have worked on several Managerial level positions across various verticals in different sectors like IT/ITeS, Energy, Logistics, Ceramic etc. I hold immense experience and expertise in handling various HR related activities like handling new employees, payroll management, people management, employee welfare management, administration activities, reporting to higher management and much more. I always believe in creating robust policies to recruit, attract and retain the best employees and ensure their continuous professional development that will help them feel valued.

I am a team player and always at the forefront to take initiatives in organizing various team activities, overcome challenges, and finding out solutions to complex problems.











Know Me Personally

I like to spend time with my child and loved ones and my hobbies include cooking, gardening and doing creative things. I am a quick learner with good communication skills full with positive attitude and believe in demonstrating strong leadership.

Being a parent myself, I have a special interest in making people aware about many benefits of positive parenting that can transform children’s life and result in healthy mental and physical development.

Working with us for over three years, Sonali Mohanty has set high standards in all HR functions she
handled. She has proven herself to be an expert in the field and was an invaluable resource to our

I would strongly recommend her services as HR consultant.

Tushar Patel
CEO – Fedora Solutions

Sonali Mohanty is a professional lady full of confidence, positivity and energy. She can do wonders in
any organization she works for.

Gujarat Technocastings Pvt. Ltd.

I know Ms. Sonali Mohanty since beginning of January,2008. Those days she was in employment
efficiently handling HR & Admin portfolios. Apart from being sincere, meticulous and hard-working,her inter-personal skills are excellent. All my good wishes to her for the consultancy venture.

Sameer Parikh
Chartered Accountant
Edify Kids Ahmedabad would like to thank Ms.Sonali Mohanty for conducting workshop on parenting in our premises. Her talk on “Parenting” was one of the most interesting topics in the forum. It was an honor for Edify Kids Ahmedabad to have her as one of our resource speaker.
Sejal Parikh
Center Head - Edify Kids, Ahmedabad

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