Why is Paternity Leave important???

We generally hear or talk about Maternity leaves around us which is a very important aspect off course. But Paternity leave is equally important as the man also experiences all the pregnancy tantrums that a woman does during every stage of pregnancy.

Many a times Men hesitate to take Paternity Leaves voluntarily because of many reasons like personal, social & professional reasons, here comes the responsible role which respective company can play by offering Paternity Leave as part of their policy. This gesture of any company will give a real motivation to employee and their family as well. This will also give a sense of work-life balance what we all have been talking about now-a-days.

I feel that the man actually handles and manages much more than the woman during their pregnancy as he is handling the woman as well and we all know how difficult it is, Hahahhah just joking.

Welcoming a new born to the family is very special and life changing moment for both the parents. Also, child care is a joint responsibility of both mother and father so paternity leave should be more practiced across the industries. Already many companies have implemented this policy but many are yet to and I just hope paternity leave is soon a part of each and every company’s culture and policy. By doing so we will move towards equality in a great way which will surely give a value addition to society, employee & employer.

Anyone can have a child but that alone doesn’t make you a father. It’s the love, care, responsibility you put in to raise a child that makes you a father.

Paternity leave is must to allow the new fathers to strengthen the family bond. This will also allow a great bonding between the company and the new father(employee).