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Hey Guys…πŸ‘‹ It was not a usual day as I took a day off to complete some of my personal stuff which was not possible on a working day. Though it was hectic but a satisfactory day πŸ‘© as could complete the task list πŸ“‹πŸ˜€

The day can be called satisfactory also because I got updates from my connections mentioning that they got motivated from my blogs and started blogging, exercising which is actually motivating for meπŸ˜‡. I am glad that I could bring this change😌
What does my Blog Title say today❓❓❓
Vitamin M… NO NO it’s not money 😜…It’s MOTIVATION πŸ‘
Motivation is what gets us started and everyday is a chance to begin…so it is never late for anything.
Motivating someone gives an inner satisfaction and that can be done when we are self-motivated – the force to drive us to do things that we want to. πŸ’ƒ
What is self-motivation??? 
It is ability to motivate self which may be a difficult but a very important task we must practice, and practice makes not only a man but everyone perfect😁. 
How to motivate yourself???
Here you go…
  • Start doing simple things
  • Try to think positive
  • Learn new things always
  • Don’t over think
  • Must see good in bad
  • Be kind
  • Keep a check on your improvements
  • Most importantly know and believe in yourself
  • Don’t compare yourself with anyone…the competition can be only with yourself
  • Help people – do some short of social responsibility
Does that sound too much??? Then start one at a time as nothing is too much when we decide to do it.
Once we are self-motivated, we become capable of motivating other’s as well which is a good feeling and good deed towards society. And remember, motivating others doesn’t mean that we are great but we are finding some kind of satisfaction in our-self so being grounded is one of the qualities we must carry to motivate self and others.
Hope all this sound good to you….πŸ’
Be motivated…
Keep motivating…
Thank you for your love πŸ’—
Will keep writing✍
Take care…be safe
Good night and see you soon.

5 thoughts on “Vitamin M

  1. In fact one who is happy in all situations is always happy & really live the life to its full potential & enjoys in all situations.

  2. All ingredients of vitamin M capsule are really workable πŸ‘Œ

    I'll surely follow each & pass these to peaple around me…

  3. That's really nice of you dear EktaπŸ‘πŸ»β˜ΊοΈ
    We are supposed to break the chain of CORONA right now but we can definitely creat the chain of motivation….

    Let's together do it😊

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