Hello everyone,

As the topic suggests finally I thought of writing on my profession which is HR…🙋

HR (Human Resources) sounds to me real lively, fancy, colorful, strong and confident and much more just like me. Don’t worry I will explain each of the phrases mentioned in connection to HR and me.

When I say HR there are end numbers of topics a HR can talk about or HR itself contains which I will slowly start writing about in my upcoming blogs. A HR plays a vital role in an organisation starting from strategy planning to building company image but still people don’t have clarity on it.

There are many misconceptions regarding HR which I have faced personally and heard from my other HR friends as well…but we are not here to give any clarifications so as always we will be positive and see only the brighter side of it…

Why HR??? to arrange birthday’s and other events, representative of management, keep employees happy ……NO NO NO there is much more that a HR does in an organisation probably it is not recognized properly. Anyways I would like to share why I choose HR….

  • Me in a position to influence people positively
  • I love the opportunity when I get a chance to change lives of people to better in very small ways
  • Me helping people to grow through training and development
  • I feel gratified when I am able to address any concern properly
  • Each day is different with variety of challenges
  • Feels good to play the role of career advisor being a HR
  • Makes me happy to deal with Humans
  • People trust me
  • One point of contact for each and everything be it Management or Employees
  • Support system to the company’s biggest asset i.e. people of the company
  • Finding out new methods to solve complicated problems
  • Being part of all crucial decisions is a great opportunity
  • Ability to create long lasting relationships with people
There is much more I love about being a HR…the journey itself is inspiring which drags me to work with full energy and enthusiasm every single day….💃
An effective HR always balance the needs of employee and the goals of the organisation. We are the HERO’s of the organisation 😄…Try to spell HERO without HR😎
We are the unofficial psychologist, event planner, peacemaker, lawyer, teacher…I have experienced being a mom to many at work which is really satisfying👼
I love what I do 💖
The only way to do great work and be happy is to do what you love to…
Do what you love to and love what you do.👍
Will come up with much HR related stuff soon.
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Shubh Ratri🙏

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