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Hello everybody…After a very short break of Sunday I am back.

Hope everyone had a great weekend during this pandemic…
We all have heard and been using the exclamation OMG 😲often right??? which expresses shocked 😨 or surprised πŸ˜ƒ.Β  I have jumbled it today to MOG – dictionary meaning is to move on and the full form as per my thought is MESSENGER OF GOD πŸ˜‡. So today we will try to understand first and then try to practice MOG πŸ‘.
Hope you all remember the Bollywood movie Oh My God featuring great artist’s like Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal and if we connect the movie with my thought then in simple words Akshay Kumar was MOG in OMG. Hope I could make it a little clear and I am sure by end of this write-up you will understand it better 😊.
Somewhere in my earlier posts I have been trying put my views about the current situation and how to handle it, be it COVIP – 19 or Vitamin M or Time management or Inner Peace. I am simply trying to say that we all can be MOG by our small positive deeds… like what??? like focus on the things we have and not on what we don’t have….
See the half filled glass of water not half empty
See the child’s 60% mark scored and not the 40%
See the bank balance what you have and not what you don’t have
See that we have at least our living and there are people struggling for it
See the positive side of everything and not the negative
The things we don’t have, it was never ours…move on for the next – and here we explain the dictionary meaning of MOG i.e. move on…
During this pandemic, we all need to be MOG for each other in whatever way we can. It is really simple to be a MOG by being kind, caring, truthful, helpful and much more… let us try to do our bit to the society and believe me it doesn’t mean always that you have to spend money. Do whatever is possible and it can be anything for anyone like for family, friends, society, colleagues…
I even have a real example to quote which will give you a better idea….
We started operating our office after the lockdown with all safety measures as required and there are few team mates who stay away from home in a PG and doesn’t have food facility right now which is a real problem to survive. But the most beautiful thing to observe was few of our other team mates started bringing homemade lunch for them and it solved the problem so easily and they played a role of MOG😌.
We all can and we all will try to be MOG….
And one more thing by playing a role of MOG, we directly connect with GOD πŸ‘πŸ˜‡
Thank you God for being there with us…
Bless us with strengthπŸ™ to be a good MOG
Take care everyone
Good Night
Catch you soon

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