Parenting – An Art

Home is where the heart is and parents are the heart of any home🏡. They are the epitome of warmth, compassion, empathy, and love💖. Parents hold an extremely special place in children’s lives as they are their first hand source to learn all of their moral values, discipline, family bonding, socio-emotional skills and much more. A healthy parent-child relationship casts a very positive and vibrant impact on child development through improved cognitive development, self-confidence, communication skills, learning and much more👪.

Parents play a very crucial role in child’s upbringing as the child’s brain is in nascent stage and receptive towards many of the qualities👍.

Children learn by imitating their parents and in such scenario it is very important that parents portray right image before their children through their behaviour, language, communication and habits as children acquire many of their skills from their parents at an early age. It is truly said parents are a child’s first and most important teacher’s for all us and high level of parenting will ensure that children develop good cognitive potential, social skills, and healthy behavioural qualities😌.

I have seen many parent’s struggle to handle their kids…my suggestion to them is don’t worry and start your childhood again with your growing child. I myself have practiced and experienced this and believe me I found a best friend in my daughter  and later when she started growing more and more, she behaves like parent to me and my husband which is a lovely feeling 👭💕.

Parenting can be very simple if you make your child understand that

😊”you are listening to them” & “you are always there for them” 😊

Always make your child prepare for the path and don’t prepare a path for them.

Hats off to all Parents and the children off course for making us good parents👏👏


One thought on “Parenting – An Art

  1. Wowww…
    I personally feel like its so difficult to be a parent & I can't find those qualities in me.
    I always wonder that how my parents are playing their role so beautifully?

    But ur blog gives easy parenting tips & make me realise my parents role & value in life.

    Very lovelyy 😍

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